Transmitted Disease (STD) Can Occur at Any Age

Transmitted Infection can happen to any person at any time irrespective of age. It’s therefore important to take protection while having sex at any age, and promote better health. Protection from sexual infections is possible only by using condoms. Sexual transmitted diseases (STD) are one of the most dangerous diseases causing lot of death cases around the globe. At this moment it is very important to take proper precaution to ensure better health of human beings. The most common form of STI includes Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, genital warts and hepatitis, and these mostly affect people in the age group of 40s and 50s. Middle age group are getting more infected, as they return to dating and sex due to bad relationship with their life partners. Large numbers of divorce cases are also responsible for rise in sexual contacts with multiple partners and contracting the disease.

The fact is that it can affect any person who indulges in sex without using condoms. Starting from teen age to old age it can affect any person, so it’s important that sexual active people undergo test for this at least once in a year along with their partners, whatever be the age.

People should be careful especially if they are not using condoms during sex. However usage of condoms does not necessarily signify total protection from diseases. So everybody should undergo check up. Get to your nearest health center, clinic, hospital or any other health provider for check up as soon as possible. Some of the STDs do not show symptoms for days, even for years, so regular test is must.

People should be responsible enough to meet doctor at the right time for treatment otherwise neglecting these sexual diseases can even lead to death. Most of the STDs are curable provided right step is taken at right hour.